Thursday, January 31, 2019

I Gotta Tell You About My Omega Improved Eyesight Story

Dear Readers,

I don't usually do this but I am  overjoyed and just had to share this with you.  This is just a total brag story about my improved health.  I have never been able to eat Omega's. I am not much of a fish fan.... I am improving but still pretty picky about fish,  I also cannot stand the fishy burp. It was enough to keep this picky girl from taking them even though I knew they were beneficial to my health.

I cannot tell you how excited I am that I am taking these Juice Plus plant based Omegas.  My eyesight has started to improve so much since November of 2017, I started taking the Omega's along with my other Juice Plus+ capsules as soon as they were made available to me.  I heard they may help eyesight but you know me I was mildly skeptical since my eyesight has been on a steady decline since the 5th grade.

So I was hoping to see "some" improvement as some of my colleagues were claiming   About 4 months ago I noticed that my glasses were bothering me, quite a bit  Then, I noticed one morning that I had been watching television without my glasses and had not even noticed they were off.  I truly have never been able to see TV without them or contacts.  Seriously, I am that girl that laid my glasses on the bed and they fell off onto the floor and 30 minutes later I was still searching the floor for them. Thankfully, my husband came in and helped me, so back to my story, one year later and my eyesight is now  +.50 and .+75 better for vision in each eye.  I asked for my prescription because I was so shocked I guess I was still in denial.  Well folks  the truth is on the paper.  Huge improvement for me I am beyond excited.

Here is some additional  information videos if interested from Juice Plus+ 

SafeShare versions of all 4 of the new Juice Plus+ Product Omega Blend videos.

Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Dealing with Doggie Dermatitis -Apoquel vs. Natural Alternatives

Dear Sister Knowitall,

 I enjoyed your talk last evening. I have a small support dog for my wife, the vet put the dog on Apoquel for dry itching skin, any homeopathic ideas ?
Mercy,  photo credit Cindy Pitts Gilbert

Signed Itchy Puppy Papa

Great question. Itchy Puppy Papa.

So my go to is always start simple. Dermatitis is hard to treat because it is so broad, itchy skin and/or rash, right?   1) Diet allergy,  2) outdoor allergy 3) something in the house or 4)even a plastic dog bowl.   

What I can do is give you some first steps that should help until you figure out what is the root cause of your puppies dermatitis.  

👉 Coconut oil for both external and a bite on a spoon they usually love to eat it.

👉 An oatmeal bath  there are also oatmeal shampoos at Petsmart that I have used.

👉 Diet elimination, start eliminating treats first then foods.

👉You may have to try natural food. Blue, Fresh Pet or Nutrish  even cook chicken breast and rice in a crock pot.

👉 It is going to be trial and error but I really appreciate you wanting to use a natural alternative for your fur baby. 

👉 I do make a salve out of coconut oil Shea butter and beeswax that you could try I use it on my dog and my own skin flare ups.  Good Luck

Saturday, January 26, 2019

Podcast Interview with Business Radio X

It was fun and a privilege to be interviewed by Steven Julian and Mike Sammond, of Business Radio X in September, along with Titania Huff, with L2.I.F.T Professional Services.

I was invited to be interviewed on the podcast Business Radio X last month, I had a lot of fun. I have been talking to several friends coaches and business associates about doing a podcast for a while. I keep resisting the notion. I'd love to have feedback from my readers. Should I or Shouldn't I Start a podcast? The ideas would be to interview other health and wellness businesses as well as educate the listeners about nutrition, using a more natural approach to living your life and motivational thoughts. Listen Here