~ 10 years! It has been 10 years since meeting Cindy Pitts-Gilbert in a monthly entrepreneur’s networking group. She was running The Singing Bean at the time with energy, passion for community, dedication to local artists, and the smile that never quits. Within a couple of years, we found our passions connected around training. As a therapist, I have my analytic, studious, and hyper compassionate sides. I must say we have that in common. Not only did Cindy make the Karaoke Room available to professionals wanting to get their message or product to others, we provided workshops together on The Five Love Languages. She blended experience with technology, software, and marketing with an engaged presentation. I can only imagine her strength has grown since our last collaboration. I am excited about the launch of Know It Training!! – Claire Horner, LPC, ATL Shrink, Inc.
 ~ Cindy is a superb trainer with an exceptional ability to create a positive group learning experience while making each individual feel that they matter. Her courses are well-designed and presented with a high degree of professionalism. Bob Mendonsa, President & Senior Consultant, The HR Difference

~Cindy has both a great attitude and a gift for dealing with people that make her a talented trainer. She is thorough in her preparation, crisp and friendly in her delivery and pays attention to outcomes.  
Woody Davis, Director, M&A Integration, GTM Operations at VMware

~ I have known Cindy for many years and she is comfortable and competent in almost any business area. Her personality and determination and optimistic approach to anything she pursues guarantees her success. But the area Cindy seems to excel in most is when she has the opportunity to teach. I have sat elbow-to-elbow with her as students in sales classes and have been under her tutelage as well. Cindy has a knack for bringing excitement to the dull and her excitement for her subject matter is infectious. I highly recommend Cindy for any training or teaching role.  
Mike LaTella ,Directorof Client Solutions at   UTi Worldwide.

~ Cindy has expert skills as it relates to training. Her ability to provide excellent sales training was a tremendous benefit"    Barry Edge, Recruiting Manager at Neopost
~ Cindy is a very personable, detail oriented, organized, and very easy to work with trainer. She is an excellent communicator and consistently delivers her classes to expected objectives. I would highly recommend Cindy as an asset to any company’s training organization. Terry Mosbaugh, Sr. Offering (Product) Managerat IBM
 ~ Cindy is a proven corporate level trainer. She has the ability and track record to help people learn new skills and to also help experience people to continue to develop and grow their skills.  Alan Auerbach ,Co CEO at Town Hall Guide National, LLLP

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