Monday, April 22, 2019

Find the Joy my Old Friend

Dear Sister Knowitall,

We have been friends for a long time . The cards I have dealt are not fair.  Since my mom and dad passed it is just the last straw. I don't even know how to make rhyme nor reason out of my life or where to go from here. I hope you have some aid for an old friend. 

Hello  Dear Friend,

I so wish I could spend some time with you. You are an amazing talent and have truly been dealt 
some hard knocks.  I know one thing for certain.  Life is not certain or even fair.  I do believe with all my being that in the hand we are dealt we can choose to see the good cards and throw out the bad cards then find what we have to be grateful for in those cards.  Sorry for the card reference. I cannot say that I understand how you feel. I can say that I understand deep heart pain. I've been knocked down so many times and it takes time but I do get back up. I have to.  I wasn't born to live in misery and I won't do it. Happiness is a choice. It just is!

We have a choice to see ourselves as perfectly imperfect and accept and love ourselves as we are. There is good all around us every day. We can literally smile at something every hour.  Find the joy and laughter it is there. I promise.  When you get knocked down. Sit with it  a minute well longer than a minute but go ahead and  cry it out . There is a lot of science around tears and healing the heart.  You have to be allowed to mourn any situation especially the loss of your parents.  Then remember how much they loved you and ask yourself would they want you to be sad and in pain.  Once you are ready then  Get up. Shake it off, just get up that is  start.   This message is the first one I have read from you that sounds close to self acceptance.  You are truly a blessed man.  Your talents amaze me.  Find your joy my old friend. 

Thursday, April 11, 2019

Class 1 of the Better Me Workshops

I am so excited about class one of this new 4 part series of workshop series called the \
"Better Me Workshops"  We will start with letting go of what no longer serves us.  See you there. Sign up link below.

Check out "A Little Lesson in Letting Go " 
 Location: George Pierce Park Community Center