Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Introducing- Dear Sister Knowitall Column at the Gwinnett Citizen

by Cindy Pitts Gilbert  Gwinnett Citizen  July 2016
Sister Knowitall

Just wanted to say Hello Gwinnett.  Sister Knowitall here.  Looking forward to sharing my years of research and personal experience taking care of myself and my family with natural home remedies for your health and home.  My family teased me about all my know it all remedies so I wrote a blog. I have many tried and true home remedies and will share some total fails with my readers as well.  I am looking forward to your questions citizens of Gwinnett. These are helpful hints and remedies. If symptoms persist consult a physician to rule out a more serious health issue.

Dear Sister Knowitall,
It burns, It burns.  I can't sleep I go to sleep at night and wake up to acid reflux only to fumble through the house searching for something to give me some relief is there anything natural I can do to help my pain?
Nightburn in Buford

Dear Nightburn in Buford,
Acid flux is uncomfortable no matter what time of day it hits you,  night is the worst time, when you are trying to sleep and are awakened by that burning sensation in your chest  it just seems worse doesn't it.  There are several simple remedies to help with acid reflux that occurs after bedtime. 
·         Over the counter antacids such as Tums or Alka Seltzer chews do offer relief and can be kept by your bed for late night emergencies.
·         Baking soda mixed with half a glass of water (filtered if possible)
·         A half a glass of milk can also help relieve the burn
·         Don't eat anything prior to 4 hours before you sleep
·         Don't eat anything with tomato after 6pm
·         Raising your head above your stomach allows gravity to help keep the acid down
·         Sleeping on your left side will also offer relief, your stomach is able to stay below your esophagus
Remember different remedies work for different people so these are some of my favorites. Good luck Nightburn.

Nighty Night,                                                                                                              
Sister Knowitall