Thursday, January 31, 2019

I Gotta Tell You About My Omega Improved Eyesight Story

Dear Readers,

I don't usually do this but I am  overjoyed and just had to share this with you.  This is just a total brag story about my improved health.  I have never been able to eat Omega's. I am not much of a fish fan.... I am improving but still pretty picky about fish,  I also cannot stand the fishy burp. It was enough to keep this picky girl from taking them even though I knew they were beneficial to my health.

I cannot tell you how excited I am that I am taking these Juice Plus plant based Omegas.  My eyesight has started to improve so much since November of 2017, I started taking the Omega's along with my other Juice Plus+ capsules as soon as they were made available to me.  I heard they may help eyesight but you know me I was mildly skeptical since my eyesight has been on a steady decline since the 5th grade.

So I was hoping to see "some" improvement as some of my colleagues were claiming   About 4 months ago I noticed that my glasses were bothering me, quite a bit  Then, I noticed one morning that I had been watching television without my glasses and had not even noticed they were off.  I truly have never been able to see TV without them or contacts.  Seriously, I am that girl that laid my glasses on the bed and they fell off onto the floor and 30 minutes later I was still searching the floor for them. Thankfully, my husband came in and helped me, so back to my story, one year later and my eyesight is now  +.50 and .+75 better for vision in each eye.  I asked for my prescription because I was so shocked I guess I was still in denial.  Well folks  the truth is on the paper.  Huge improvement for me I am beyond excited.

Here is some additional  information videos if interested from Juice Plus+ 

SafeShare versions of all 4 of the new Juice Plus+ Product Omega Blend videos.

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