Saturday, January 10, 2015

Sister Knowitall Natural Salves Bath Salts and Airfreshers NOW Available

Just a short little post to let you know the Sister Knowitall Products you've been asking for me to post for sale are now active. You can purchase them individually on the blog  Links are all available on this page. You can click on the order now button or if you prefer to pay through paypal the link is to the right as well.
Feel free to ask questions about any of the natural products listed. Have a simpler, happier, healthier day.
Sister Knowitall

Thursday, January 8, 2015

My Son has Poison Ivy in his Eyes

Dear Sister Knowitall,
I have a question; my son got into some poison ivy and rubbed it into his eyes. I can't put calamine lotion in his eyes. What can I do?

Itchy Eyes Mom


Dear Itchy Eyes Mom,
This is a great question.  The first thing to consider is how bad is the poison ivy in his eyes. Are his eyes swollen shut? Is he able to see? How long has this been going on?   If the poison ivy is really bad don't hesitate taking him to the emergency room or your family practitioner.   Now if the problem has just begun and the eyes are getting itchy and red.
pictures pulled from google search
Take a banana peel and remove it from the banana and place slices over your son's eyes and let him lie in a dark room as the light can also make his pain worse.  He should start to feel relief within 1/2 an hour but you will need to do this multiple times during the day until the itchy stops.  I have tried this myself and I worked great. 
You should be able to use this remedy on Poison Sumac, Poison Oak as well. Good luck and remember if you don't start seeing some improvement within a couple of hours contact a doctor. The eyes are really sensitive.

Happy Healing
Sister Knowitall