Wednesday, February 4, 2015

16 Year Old Me. Amazing Lesson to be shared

Dear Sister Knowitall,

The attached video from You Tube is an amazing and touching reminder of remembering to take care of your skin early! Just watch Now you Know

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

How do I Lower Cholesterol Naturally?

Dear Sister Knowitall, 

Do you have any ideas for naturally lowering cholesterol? Gotten low Thyroid corrected but high cholesterol didn't correct with it as it usually should.  I am also on a special diet.
Thank you,
Your Bestie 

Dear Bestie, 
Blueberries, Blueberries, Blueberries
Knowing you as well as I do, this is a hard one for you because you are on a special diet and cholesterol is a; food thing, a stress thing, and an inflammation thing, so I will give you 3 quickies to choose from. First, based on your diet see if you can add blueberries they are magic blood cleaning little suckers. 

Next, there are lots of ways to reduce inflammation which is step two inflammation is a big underlying cause of high cholesterol reduce that and cholesterol will lower.  

Last, but not least stress you gotta get that down, quickies for that are yawning. Deep yawning releases cortisol, as do hugs, long 20 second or more hugs, if you aren't getting enough ask for them.  We get so busy with life we forget to hug the ones we love. 

  • Looking at pictures or video that give us joy, babies and puppies are highly recommended. and Magnesium should help too epsom salt baths may be in your future with some lemongrass essential oil.  
  • Excess cholesterol builds up in the blood stream, which happens as a result of the inflammation in your body which your cholesterol is constantly fighting.  Therefore, you should not fight the body’s defense system (cholesterol,)  but rather get to the root of the problem. Stress and consequently inflammation are likely reasons for high cholesterol levels. Getting rid of stress and strengthening your immune system will help reduce cholesterol naturally.