Skinny Girl in a Fat Suit

Introducing the Skinny Girl 7/3/2015

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My name is Cindy, aka Sisterknowitall, and I’m a skinny girl in a fat suit.  Sounds like an introduction at an AA meeting instead it’s an introduction of the triple A variety, You knew her, right?  That little girl in your class who   had small AAA triangles strapped to her chest for absolutely no reason at all, other than all her friends had one.  A band aid would have sufficed.  I’d love to take you on my journey to reclaim Skinny Girl or a healthier version of her and unzip the fat suit forever.  This blog will hopefully motivate me and inspire others to win their own battle to unzip the fat suit.  I don’t refer to the fatter side of myself as fat girl because I don’t see myself as fat. I see myself in my own head as Skinny Girl wrapped in a layer of fat that likes me a lot and refuses to leave the party.

The last 20 years have been a whirlwind and just like a tornado picks up, trash, houses and even cows along the way, Skinny Girl has picked up quite a bit of trash of her own leaving her wearing a completely unrecognizable fat suit that, on the darker side of 50 is time say, “It’s been real,  I wish you could stay but you can’t. “

I have always been skinny, not just thin, bone skinny.  The girl, even your bestie made fun of for having a boy chest.  I could shop in the boy’s department for those high dollar accessories like that 80’s Members Only jackets, remember those?  I got a secret thrill because they were   ½the  price in the boy’s department.  

I graduated high school weighing in at 110lbs.  College Skinny Girl got to eat all the junk food she wanted in the great state of Alabama where you didn’t go a single week without eating something fried.  My weight often fluctuated between 110 and 118 possibly due to the fact that our campus was across the street from a Krispy Creme, but I digress.   My whole young life I never understand the” Fat Factor.” I had a clear understanding of the skinny girl factor when you are a skinny girl you know important things like wearing  bracelets keeps that bone sticking out of your wristfrom being so noticeable.   You never can get your bra strap tight enough because it is going to fall off your bony shoulders anyway. She knows to always wear the removable strap on her strapless swimsuit because not doing so and then jumping into the pool can give your fellow Christian college classmates a complete visual of what Mardi gras bead collecting must be like.    Why is it that could I eat 2 candy bars, mashed potatoes and fried chicken drizzled with honey and others could look at a candy bar and gain enough to burst their buttons?  Yea I understand Skinny Girl it’s just her new outfit I’m having an issue removing.

They say life changing events are often the cause of drastic weight fluctuations.   Living on French fries and chocolate shakes, in my 20’s my weight plummeted to an unhealthy skinny girl 103lbs. We all have those friends who gain weight when they are stressed out and depressed. I was the other kind. I was so stressed I didn’t eat, I survived, I was that hollow eyed, sunken cheek skinny girl.  I was going through a divorce.   I stayed that tiny even when I started eating normally again crazy metabolism.  I remarried in 91 and tried for 7 long years trying to have that first child. Finally,  in 1996 weighing a moderate138lbs,  Skinny Girl had a beautiful  6lb 9oz daughter and so also birthed, flabby belly and booty, as well as the massive breast feeding  boobies, Thank You baby girl.  Now late into my 20’s rapidly closing in on thirty,Skinny Girl lost all the baby weight thanks to breast feeding, working full time and being a semi-single mother and as my husband at the time went to work in Alaska while my baby girl was only 4months old.   When he came home for her one year birthday I was pre-baby weight feeling good about myself and wore that sleek black outfit to her party. Nine months later baby number two, 168lbs and birthday number three O. Skinny Girls story Is not intended to rub in how great Skinny Girl’s metabolism was but to give you a background for the culture shock that was now awaiting me on the other side of 30. I made it back to 130lbs, not too bad for a mommy of two. Skinny Girl has no self -control you see Skinny girl didn’t diet or exercise she didn’t have a clue about eating right taking care of her body nor did she care to learn. Skinny Girl had grown into Thirty Plus Mommy was doing Ok living life  as a working mother of 2  she wasfar too busy for such nonsense, Thirty Plus Mommy  still felt like Skinny Girl.

Let’s take a moment to wiz through 1997 to 2003;We bought a house, worked full time had a good life for all to see except for what you could not see.  

Moving on from 2003-2005, I opened my own business sank all my savings and retirement into it, entered into  divorce number 2  much more devastating than number 1 , lost our home, had to move, had a car accident, lost my car and was sued,  then the economy crashed.  Statistics show that just one of these events can cause extreme stress and I got to have them all at once.  Stress causes cortisol which according to the Relacore commercial causes belly fat.  Each event added about 5-10lbs to my waistline, but being so immersed in each event and believing that skinny girl was still here, the pounds kept easing onto my hips my waistline, my face thighs arms and even my fingers, until one day when I looked in the mirror imagine my surprise to see this skinny girl in a fat suit. Where did this come from and how does one begin to get it off.  I had no clue.  I still forget I am wearing the suit until I try something new and the size I chose doesn’t fit.  I try to get off the couch or cut my toenails and realize my belly is in the way.  I finally stopped squeezing into a 36C bra and tried on 10 different kinds of double D.   This is the girl that had no waistline at all and had trouble keeping her pants up without a belt, Skinny Girl. Diet is not something with which I have practice or experience.  Once I did try Sugarbuster’s.I lost 7lbs  over 7 months while every male around me lost pounds and pounds lost , my brothers, my dad and my now ex-husband.  What?  Oh yea the last chapter of the book says women don’t lose weight as well as men on this diet.  Thanks Sugarbuster’s Author.  Thanks for that!  

Where to now? I have done quite a bit of research on eating healthy and being healthy. I am forming  a plan which I will share in my next blog. I have quite an arsenal.  I’d like to share what is working and what is not and I’d love for others to share too so please subscribe. Til next time

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  1. We eat too much and too often. Yes, I know, first world problem.