Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Did I mention I started a PodCast

Introducing the "Dear Sister Knowitall Podcast" 

Fresh NEW Natural Health and Wellness Podcast Launched May 27th, 2019

A real and honest look at the inside story of natural health and wellness. Hosted by speaker, writer and personal development trainer, Cindy Pitts Gilbert. The Dear Sister Knowitall Podcast is a series of informative conversations with experts in the field of natural, holistic and alternative health and wellness, to provider listeners with solid research  to help them demystify and simplify everything in natural, health and wellness.

Sunday, May 19, 2019

Please Be the Light in a Politically Charged World

Dear Sister Knowitall,

I am so filled with anger over the state of the United States specifically everything in politics and on the news. I just seem to take it all so personally and don't know who to change  anything.   My facebook page is so electrically charged with hate and constant debates.  I need something to change. I know my posts are full of rage I just don't know how to get off of this roller coaster of anger.
Signed Your Angry Friend,

My Dear Angry Friend,
My darling,  I am not going to discuss politics here, it will serve no purpose. I will tell you that I choose the rainbows, unicorns and fairies.  Be the light.  It is the only way.  "You cannot post" the president out of office any more than others posted him in to office.  You cannot change the laws that are being passed that you do not agree with by an angry facebook post or an angry reply to someone else's politically charged post. Start from a place of Love. I know what a joke right.. Don't stop reading keep going
Be so happy that others around you can't help but be happier too.  Isn't that who we all really want to be.

You have a choice and it is always your choice.   You can choose to see the negative in the world or you can choose to search for the positive.  To be the positive. You will draw more positive to you if you make a choice to change or you will continue to suffer in this place of anger, hate and negativity.  I know you and this is not who you are.  You can choose to make a positive difference.  You have the choice to turn off your TV.  To scroll past the posts that do not make you a better person.  You have the true power.  Like breeds like, meaning people who are alike attract people who are the same.  The more power you give the negative less empowered you are. The negative weakens you and attracts more negative entities to you.

You are on your way. Step away.

Pet a puppy, hug a child, smile at a stranger.  Fill others with your goodness and love. There is so much there.  Stand up for the laws that are wrong if this fills you with a purpose. Find a politician that you believe can be the real difference of change and support him/her/  But my dears yelling about it and alienating all your friends on social media only ends up making people stop following you or listening to you at all.  So Be the light that draws others to you.