Sunday, July 5, 2015

Help I Can't Sleep

Dear Sister Knowitall,
I'm having trouble sleeping.  I was wondering if you could advise me of any essential oils to help me sleep.
Sleepy Author

Dear Sleepy Author,
Sleep is such an important part of living a simple, healthy, life.  There are simple things you can try to help you sleep. Some work like  a charm for a temporary sleeping issue.  The key is understanding why you aren't sleeping.  You first must examine what is going on in your life.  What you are eating?  Are you writing  late at night?  Do you have trouble shutting down your mind at night?  Do you have any other symptoms?  I would recommend that you start journaling especially if your problem persists?
The quick answer to your question is Lavender Essential Oil.  You can pour a couple of drops onto the edge of your pillow case every night or get a diffuser designed for essential oils. Chamomile tea is also a great option for relaxing the body. You should really avoid  caffeine after 6pm.  There is also a possibility that your issue is stress related, if so then you have too much cortisol.  Yawning helps remove it from the body as does over stimulated or hormone related.  If you are over the age of 30 perimenopause is a possibility at anytime.  Night sweats and hot flashes often cause sleeping issues. There are an innumerable list of  things that interfere with sleep, another is a mind that can't shut down because it is over stimulated.  The age of the cell phone, tablet, e-readers and computer laptops are now accessible in our beds at night and we use them to "relax"  Unfortunately, they over stimulate the brain and keep us from being able to fall asleep naturally.  It is best to avoid looking at any of these devices or even your  TV 30 min to an hour before going to bed. This options may seem impossible, you have to find what works best for you. Reading doesn't seem to do the same stimulation that the electronic items do so read a good book.   Mix up a nice Chamomile tea about 30 minutes before bed. 
I really love taking a nice hot bath about an hour before bed with some Sister Knowitall lavender bath salts.

A few final thoughts for you; keep a water bottle next to your bed, if you wake up and have to use the restroom, resist the urge and if possible go back to sleep this will keep you from waking up too much and preventing you from falling back to sleep.  Alcohol can also interfere with sleep a nice glass of wine may be very relaxing but will often make you wake up shortly after you fall asleep.

Friday, July 3, 2015

New PAGE Skinny Girl in a Fat Suit

Sister Knowitall is on a fitness journey.

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