Saturday, September 5, 2015

Lemon Water for Aches and Pains

Dear Sister Knowitall,
I consider myself a healthy person. I try to play tennis and lead a fairly active life. I am starting to feel more aches and pains.  Am I becoming arthritic or just old?
Signed Achn'

Dear Achin',
You are as old as you allow yourself to feel.  Sometimes living hurts. We forget to do the simple things that keep our body healthy. 

The first question I would have for you is:. How much water are you drinking per day?  If the answer is not easy to answer or too easy as in one or two glasses a day, then you are not drinking enough.  Cars need lubrication to run smoothly. Water is the body's lubrication.  The second answer to your question is Lemons.  Squeeze lemon juice into your water. Preferably organic.  I drink 12oz every morning before I eat or drink anything else. I was feeling very arthritic myself. Did some research and decided to give it a try.   If you cannot find organic wash them thoroughly with soap and water or a fruit wash a great antibacterial wash  is Agrisept,  before using.  There is no point in removing one toxic substance from your body to replace it with toxic pesticides that cling to the rind of your lemon. 

So why does this help?  The body sometimes has a build up of  uric acid which is a crystallization in the joints. This acid causes inflammation in the joints and results in aches and pains, as well as  the feeling that arthritis is setting in.  I get up every morning and drink lemon water. I cut up a full lemon and place the pieces into a ziplock bag in my fridge.  Every morning while my coffee is brewing I drink a full 12 oz and then through out the day I drink water infused with lemons. I notice an improvement gradually in my hands first.  I truly feel an amazing difference in the way I feel thoughout the day. When I get "too busy" to drink my lemon water or even drink water throughout the day my body retaliates with aches and pains in my heels fingers and all over really.  The body is really very vocal about what is wrong if you know what to look for. If you have chapped lips brittle nails, hair and cuticles or dry skin. Give your body a break and give it much needed water. 

Other Benefit's of Lemon water:  It aids digestion, gives the body a boost of Vitamin C and can help the body rid other toxins and bacteria. It can also boost your metabolism helping your body lose weight.  I have just recently learned that Agrisept listed above is also known for aiding in weight loss and removing yeast from the body.  I will be exploring that more.  So I hope that this helps you feel better soon. I'd love to hear some of your success stories.

The link below is an interesting article from ABC News they also did some research on lemon water benefits.

Happy Healing,
Sister Knowitall