Friday, December 13, 2013

Welcome to Sister KnowItAll, Ask a question Find an Answer

Hey Ya'll, I'm Sister Knowitall.
This blog was born out of well my brothers calling me a know it all. My youngest brother said, "You know you always have a home remedy for everything maybe you should write a book."  Now, we all know that he wasn't being the slightest bit sarcastic, but then people do seem come to me a lot for advise always have. When my advise is taken folks often find some way to resolve their problem or they feel better from the remedy I recommended. I read a lot, I research a lot. I don't want to try anything on myself or my family to cause more harm than good, like many traditional medicines do.  Have you ever listened to the disclaimers on prescription medicine commercials. It may heal your problem but cause 5 more in the process.  Recently, my best friend took my advise on what to put on her poor aching allergy eye lids, I brought her some coconut oil and she felt better so she said "You should write a blog," so friends, I'm writing a new blog. Do I really think I know it all?  Of Course NOT, I believe I have learned a lot. I believe that it would be selfish to keep it all to myself and I really do want to help others.  I know when to take good advise when it is offered and I don't believe everything I read or hear until I research it to pieces.  I believe we are all here to learn lessons and until we do we will never be truly happy. I do NOT believe in the pursuit of happiness. We already have what it takes to be happy. Don't chase it accept it be happy with where you are and find the joy in every day.  I do believe I can help people by offering the benefit of what I've learned, on how to simply feel both happy and healthy in this crazy, crazy world. So now kind readers you will occasionally get the benefit of my learning and what I  I have learned along the way.
Now, why do I feel qualified to write a blog about everything; because I read a lot. I mean a lot, I  research a lot, I try a lot and I feel now compelled to share the benefits of all my hard work. So here are some things about me, I believe in holistic remedies and a safe environment. I rarely get sick, although a lot of my research stems from some "ailment" that has come my way either myself or my family and friends. When you don't take care of yourself and eat well because life is hectic or crazy you do end up with one ailment or the other.  My family rarely gets sick, and when we do I have some kind of remedy to try that doesn't involve rushing off to the doctor for the latest antibiotic or I research and research and research.  I will be the first to admit google and pinterest are my friends, there are pinterest fails and google also has a lot of bad information, that is good because I can read all angles and then make an informed decision on what is right for my family. I also admire self help gurus and spiritual leaders. I surround myself with positive people and many of them have taught me much of what I know.  I spend a lot of time researching a remedy or a "how to" I don't try anything or recommend anything that is dangerous for your body, mind or spirit, However,  please keep in mind if your body doesn't like something from nature and you have a particular allergy or reaction to something don't use it for a home remedy.  For example, if you are allergic to bananas don't try my banana peel remedy.  When a remedy is a fail I'm the first to admit it and move on.  Home remedies are not magic elixers and take time to work, especially if your immune system is already run down or you aren't taking care of yourself.  I try really hard not to offer advise on something I'm not sure about and If I learn better I do better. . I am not a witch doctor or a midwife. I do however believe that the media and pharmaceutical companies have brainwashed us to the point that now we don't think we can get through the winter without some kind of antibiotic, pain medication or gallons of  antibacterial soap.  So I'm opening the door to questions. You can ask me questions any number of ways. Facebook, email, text if you have my number or in person.  If you want your question to be anonymous I'll keep your name out of my blog. If you want credit for your question then you'll get it.  I will continue researching and finding answers and welcome your own proven remedies and advise we are all in this together, and if I don't know the answer to something I will tell you and try to steer you in a direction that will help you out including some over the counter suggestion or going to a hospital or doctor if you seriously need to see a doctor.  So bring it on I welcome the challenges you have to offer.  I will ask that you keep all negative comments to yourself. They have no place here. 

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